Our viewpoint is to collaborate with other professionals in the financial planning field, allowing each participant to perform their respective expert function.  This allows us to focus solely on managing assets while other experts focus on tax planning, insurance needs, wealth preservation, transitioning of wealth across generations, and meeting philanthropic goals.  Members of this expert team can include:

Estate Planning Attorneys – we work with estate planning attorneys to facilitate the planning they have developed for you.  By facilitating the opening, funding and management of trusts and other account initiatives, we are hired to ensure your plan is executed properly.

Corporate Trustees – we work with third-party corporate trustees who provide strong service and expert knowledge in overseeing trust services to clients.  Since Centurion will not take on the trustee role, we avoid any conflict of interest.

Tax Professionals and CPAs – we work closely with tax professionals and CPAs to proactively set strategies in place to minimize your tax liability.  By being preemptive with these tax professionals in managing assets, we are able to help manage your overall tax situation.

Financial Planners – we work with financial planners such as Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) to ensure the retirement plans they have developed for you come to fruition.  These financial planners should only deliver you a plan of action.  The action is put into place by us.  Again, both the financial planner and Centurion avoid conflicts of interest when we each provide our respective expert functions.

Banking and Lending Professionals – through a network of banking and lending professionals, we are able to secure lending for clients looking to develop investment assets outside the box of their traditional portfolio.  By assisting in these efforts, we are better able to help clients diversify their assets out of the customary stock / bond mix.


If you have any of these individuals with which you are currently or have previously worked, we can join the team to take care of facilitating the investment portion of the overall process.  By keeping all of these individuals at arm’s length from each other, but close enough so they can successfully join forces to execute your overall plan, the entire process is free of conflicts of interest.


If you do not have any of these experts already on your team, we can provide options to bring them on board.