Ever feel like you are alone in a jungle of financial decisions for your retirement readiness?  LifeStyle Asset Management ("LSAM") works both with 401(k) plan participants in plans on which we advise, as well as works with participants taking part in outside plans.

When LSAM is hired by your 401(k) plan sponsor, rest assured that we are working for you and in your best interest.  We are perpetually available to you to should you need help in positioning your portfolio, selecting investments, or simply if you want reassurance that you are on the right track.  In addition, your plan sponsor may make available to you LSAM professionally managed portfolios that make it easy for you to select one option from your investment lineup menu that will invest your account in a well-diversified collection of funds based on your unique situation – age, time horizon to retirement, etc.

For individuals invested in employer-sponsored retirement plans outside of LSAM’s investment management structure, we are available to assist you in determining an asset allocation, selecting investments, and monitoring and rebalancing your portfolio over time in changing market conditions.  This service can also be combined with internal private client accounts we may manage for you to ensure your complete overall asset allocation and placement is in line with your long-term financial goals.