First and foremost, we are fiduciaries. 

As a fee-based independent advisor, LifeStyle Asset Management ("LSAM") embraces the concept of being a fiduciary to ensure we always act in our clients’ best interest.  By avoiding conflicts of interest, we can assure our clients that we give unbiased, customized investment strategies and processes that help them strive towards their financial goals.  We are not affiliated with any company whose products we recommend, and only use investment platforms that are open architecture.

With this in mind, we offer years of experience to deliver a service which guides our clients through all types of markets.

Our basic investment philosophies include:

  • All major stock markets have never gone to zero
  • All major stock markets have never perpetually gone down
  • Diversification of and within asset classes does work
  • Market timing is only confirmed by historical data and not predictive of future market moves
  • Stock markets are not efficient…there will always be imbalances of perception and reality
  • Volatility also means Opportunity
  • Goals are investor specific and long-term…they should not change based on market movements or factors out of your control

We also fully understand that greed and fear are not investment strategies, but rather emotions carried through time by investors in markets.  Greed and fear are external short-term forces that may have a temporary effect on our clients’ portfolio values, but are not environments through which one should make irrational decisions.  We position portfolios ahead of these phases to ensure we are smoothing out the risk over different time periods.

An elementary philosophy of LSAM is that the growth of our business is directly tied to the success of our clients.  If our clients succeed, we succeed.