LifeStyle Asset Management, Inc. ("LSAM") is located in Friendswood, Texas, USA.  The firm was founded in 2011 by Paul Jackson, CFA after decades of experience working with other independent Registered Investment Advisors and Broker/Dealers.  Our experience working with many different types of clients, focusing on their long-term success and guiding them through various market cycles gives us the trusted advantage to remain disciplined in who we serve and what we offer.

LSAM’s number one focus is on money management.  We feel that placing our primary focus on prudently managing various types of portfolios strengthens the relationships we have with our clients and financial advisors.  In addition, we maintain a high priority to adhering to the various state and federal compliance regulations within which we operate to ensure that the ethics and trust we demonstrate are second to none. 

At LSAM, we understand that we are in business to service our clients in the most professional manner possible, and that is a trait that we bring into and take from our office every day.  If our clients don’t sleep well, then neither do we.